Picture's of the Somers at Port Hueneme

(Courtesy of David Faultersack)


5 Inch Closely 15 Inch Closely 1 5 Inch Gun5 Inch Gun 5 Inch Gun Tampon now Missing5 Inch Gun Tampon now Missing 5 Inch Gun Tampon now Missing 15 Inch Gun Tampon now Missing 1 5 Inch Gun Tampon now Missing 25 Inch Gun Tampon now Missing 2 Aft BerthingAft Berthing Aft Steering 3Aft Steering 3 Aft SteeringAft Steering ASROC Deck 01ASROC Deck 01 Bridge 1Bridge 1 Captain's Quarters 01Captain's Quarters 01 Chain Gang 1Chain Gang 1 CIC 1CIC 1 CIC 2CIC 2 ddg34_sink2ddg34_sink2 ECM 1ECM 1 Exterior HatchExterior Hatch Forward Berthing 2Forward Berthing 2 Forward BerthingForward Berthing Kingpin 2Kingpin 2 KingpinKingpin Laundry 2Laundry 2 Laundry 3Laundry 3 LaundryLaundry Mail Call 1Mail Call 1 Main Line 02Main Line 02 Main LineMain Line Mast 01Mast 01 Mast 2Mast 2 Mast 3Mast 3 Mast 4Mast 4 MedicalMedical MidshipsMidships Missile Launcher AccessMissile Launcher Access Radar WaveguideRadar Waveguide Ship 1Ship 1 Ship 2Ship 2 Ship Bridge 2Ship Bridge 2 Somewhere 1Somewhere 1 Somewhere 2Somewhere 2 Somewhere 4Somewhere 4 Somewhere 5Somewhere 5 SomewhereSomewhere Super Somers Logo 2Super Somers Logo 2 Yardworker TypicalYardworker Typical Slideshow Scripts


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