Teacher/Student Submittal
Courtesy of Youth Services Librarian Kelly Ackford and student Amelia

Good Afternoon Mr. Drewer,

I would just like to say a quick word of thanks! I've been able to get some great use out of your Association's navy links resource list as a youth services librarian during these times of remote learning, as I'm wrapping up an educational project on U.S. naval history, veterans and military service that we've been running for a small group of students over the last few weeks - thank you very much for sharing with us! usssomers.com/morelink.htm

I hope you don't mind, one of our youngest and most enthusiastic, Amelia has also asked if I could share a piece that she and her father found together on Naval History: World War II, Badges and Insignia, which includes a great breakdown on Navy history before, during and after WWII. I've included it below!

 We noticed you didn't have this one listed, but Amelia was actually the one to bring up that this could be something you might like to include for others who may also come across your list and have an interest in learning more about our veterans and military history, like our group!

If you find you are able to use this one, would you please let me know? We're meeting tomorrow, and I would absolutely love to surprise Amelia and the group if you're able to do so - my hope is that this provides encouragement, and I think it would make her proud to see she was able to pay it forward and maybe even show her father the contribution if it ends up being included!

Thanks again for all your help here Dale, Kelly Ackford


Naval History: World War II, Badges, and Insignia