Teacher/Student Submittal
Courtesy of media specialist Harry Rizzo and student volunteer Stacy

 My name is Mr. Rizzo and as a media specialist up here in York County Maine, I wanted to thank everyone behind the USS Somers for putting together your MORE NAVY RELATED LINKS page. For the month of February, our library is hosting a special 'Maritime History' workshop. We did this last winter and the turn out was fantastic - Maine is full of sea lovers!

 I'm compiling a resource guide for the attendees and I have some student volunteers assisting me. We wanted to include some information on Naval vessels and submarines. You shared some great information to incorporate, so my students requested I let you know how much you've helped us :)

 And as a thank you, I wanted to pass along this reading all about submarines that my student Stacey found...

Underwater Boats: All About Submarine                                                                                                                            https://www.siyachts.com/all-about-submarines 

Stacey was very excited to share it with you! She didn't see it listed on your page, but thought you and your visitors would enjoy it as much as we have!

 Will you let me know if you're able to include it for her on your webpage? (www.usssomers.com/morelink.htm)

I know Stacey would be thrilled to see she could help! She's getting class credit for volunteering at the library, so I'd love to show her teacher too! Let me know! Thanks again! 

Looking forward to hearing from you,                                                                                                                                                                 - Harry