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USS SOMERS (DD~381/DD~947/DDG~34)


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 "Richard Somers and The Intrepid"

On September 4th, 1804, 214 years ago to the day, our ship's namesake, then Lieutenant Richard Somers and his 12 volunteer sailors, in an attempt to destroy the Barbary Pirate ships in Tripoli Harbor (Lybia) were killed in a premature explosion aboard the United States Ship Intrepid. The Intrepid was laden with explosives and was to be abandoned in the harbor and ignited.

"U.S. Brig of War Somers 1842-1847"
This narrated documentary is focused on the U.S. Brig of War Somers 1842-1847, Mexican War, her sinking in the Gulf of Mexico off Vera Cruz, the mutiny, locating her in 1985 and an excellent account of Somers #2.

"Richard Somers Day Ceremony (Name Sake of the USS Somers DD947/DDG34)"
Somers Reunion 2021 - Richard Somers Day event, September 15, 2021, Somers Point, NJ. The attached video of the celebration of Richard Somers Day was attended by nearly 100 folks and dignitaries from the New Jersey State Assembly, State Senate, NJ County Commissioners and officials of Somers Point and many others. Video by shipmate Bob Tapley, RM, DD947, 1962-1964.




"USS Somers Crewmembers Association"
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