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This section is dedicated to photos of Somers Crewmembers. As with other photos, if you have any good crewmember photos, drop me a line, and I will add them to the page.

Photos 51-66 were contributed by FTG1 Royce Branning

Picture 51: 7 Mar 65 FTG1 Royce Branning & FTG2 John O'Brien at Subic Bay

Picture 52: 8 Aug 63 After colliding with the USS Coral Sea while refueling, L-R FTG3 Earl Gray FTSN Stanley Sluder & FTG3 John O'Brien

Picture 53: 8 Aug 63 TMSN Donald Dorrell cleaning up oil spill after colliding with the USS Coral Sea while refueling

Picture 54: 22 Apr 63 C.O. CDR Vincent Maynard on table of Royal Doctor as CO's escort the Royal Devil (GMG3 Donald Smith) looks on.

Picture 55: 22 Apr 63 C.O. CDR Vincent Maynard emerging from slop chute

Picture 56: 22 Apr 63 Pollywog breakfast L-R FTSN William McDonald & SO3 Stephen Miller

Picture 57: 22 Apr 63 Pollywog Stan Sluder answering Royal Judge(MMCM T.A. Johnson) as Royal Scribe(FN Martin Dunn) helps him with answer

Picture 58 22 Apr 63 Pollywog Twist Contest l-r Ens. Weldon McDonald Ens. Carl Bender & Ltjg James Miller

Picture 59: 22 Apr 63 Wogs L-R FTG3 Carl Privette FTSN Kippy Eisele FTG3 Earl Gray & FTSN Stanley Sluder

Picture 60: 28 Jul 65 Lily Bar Yokosuka L-R FTG3 Kippy Eisele FTG1 Royce Branning FICO engineer & FTC Ret. Roy Bagwell FTG2 John O' Brien

Picture 61: 1963 G.Q. in Plot. A quick haircut FTC Daniel Boatright & FTG3 Earl Gray

Picture 62: 1963 Hard day at the computer for FTG3 Earl Gray in foreground & FTSN Kippy Eisele

Picture 63: Mar 65 Fwd re-fueling station Tonkin Gulf SK3 Dennis Kennedy on phones

Picture 64: May 63 Good beer in Brisbane L-R GMG3 Eddie Beard FTG3 Kippy Eisele & SO3 Stephen Miller

Picture 65: Toilet paper & helmet liner provide for nature's call for GMSN Boyce Langston after he injured his back during Ops in Viet Nam waters 1965

Picture 66: Tonkin Gulf Barber shop annex in Plot. L-R seated FTG3 Clifford Patrick FTG3 Kippy Eisele Shirtless FTG3 William McDonald & FTG3 James Appelt wclippers

Picture 67: James "Jim" Roberson, a painter out of shop 71, Hunter's Point. While not technically a member of the crew, he apparently worked on the Somers conversion, as his daughter had a Somers button that a member of the crew must have given to him.

Picture 68: The USS Somers button given to Mr. Roberson. (Both the button and the photo provided by his daughter, Belva Benvanidez.)

Picture 69: Couple of cooks and a deckape just resting in Thailand. Smitty far left.
(Photo courtesy of Jerry Daugherty)

Picture 70: Bangkok Thailand 1960 Jerry Daugherty.
(Photo courtesy of Jerry Daugherty)

Picture 71: Four plank owners on a postcard from Boston, 1959. I'm not certain if the guy on the left is named Green or Graham, but  here's Mike Leeds, Bob Shattuck and Rob Browne.
(Photo courtesy of
Rob Browne)

Picture 72: Rob Browne aboard the spiffy, new ship engaging in a popular pastime of the day.

Picture 73: Photo of the Somers on her first trip across the Atlantic, inviting dignitaries aboard with Capt. Cummings during Kiel Week in Kiel, Germany.   BSN Mate Ball (closest to us w/ back to camera, probably piping the Captain aboard) and I think the MM or BM with the white belt is named Jeffries (but uncertain).
(Photo courtesy of
Rob Browne)

Picture 74: Photo of  our Atlantic cruise in June of 1959.  I'm not certain of the guy's name on the left (maybe Manny?)  The late Dave Scougal in the middle and Rob Browne the right.
(Photo courtesy of
Rob Browne)

Picture 75: Photo of John Kennedy being advanced to OS3 by Cdr. Thomas Kenneally on 16 Oct 1982.  Ops div in the background... This may have 
been during decommissioning ceremony.

(Photo courtesy of John Kennedy)

Picture 76: Photo's of Mike Leeds, 1958-1961. Jennifer Leeds"daughter." My dad passed away two years ago from injuries resulting from a tragic car accident. We buried him in the military cemetery in Palm Beach Florida. He never stopped talkin about the USS Somers. I think it was the greatest time in his life!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
(Photo courtesy of Mike Leeds daughter Jennifer)

Picture 77: Photo's of  Gene Brusacoram and a few "Somers" crewmembers.
(Photo courtesy of Gene Brusacoram)

Picture 78: Four Sailors in pre-com scol Naval Base Newport, R.I. for USS SOMERS DD-947 February 1959, 2 months before commissioning on April 3, 1959. Left to right SN Zadlock, {can't remember the next sailor, RDSN}, SN Smith, the guy with the finger thru the hole in his white hat, SN Posey.All four of us and all the others served the Somers well.
(Photo courtesy of C. Henry Posey, USN Ret.)

Picture 79: Photo's  of Darren Haycock/USS Somers visiting Penang around 1970.
(Photo courtesy of Darren Haycock)

Picture 80: Photo's were taken during the 1965 WestPac Cruise by Chas Murtomaki.
(Photos courtesy of Chas Murtomaki, David Anderson & Jack Grubb)

Picture 81: Somersmen on liberty. If anyone can identify these individuals, email myself or Bob Plante.
(Photo courtesy of Philip H. Red Eagle)

Picture 82: Somersmen on liberty. If anyone can identify these individuals, email myself or Bob Plante.
(Photo courtesy of Philip H. Red Eagle)

Picture 82: Photo of Reicher, Kubicek, Martin & Malcom was taken on the way to Denmark a little after midnight as the sun was coming up in the land of the midnight sun.
(Photo courtesy of Jerry Daugherty, BT, DD947, 59-60, Plank Owner)

Picture 83: Photo of Somers DD947 first crossing of the equator in 1960, with polywogs Ensigns Krol, Karas, Poxon & McDonald.
(Photo courtesy of Jerry Daugherty, BT, DD947, 59-60, Plank Owner)

Picture 84: Photo of a few Wild an Crazy Guys. The Aussies are dressed in or Navy uniforms. In the Aussies uniforms: Left to Right. Harry Gall, Freddie   Jerry Daugherty. (Photo courtesy of Jerry Daugherty)

Picture 85: Photo of Capt. Cummins first time crossing the Equator in 1959.
(Photo courtesy of Jerry Daugherty)

Picture 86: Photos of Jerry Daugherty, Harry Gall back in 1960 & again in 2015.
(Photos courtesy of Jerry Daugherty)

Picture 87: Photos courtesy of Mike Beauchesne.

Video 88: Pollywog to Shellback, crossing the equator 1961.
(Video courtesy of Fred Reicher)

Picture 89: 50th anniversary celebration held in California May 8-12, 2018. Photo of crewmembers present for the 1967 Commissioning Wardroom from DDG34.
(Photo courtes
y of Bob Plante)

Picture 90: Photo's of  Joseph R. "Ray" Smith along with serveral other crewmembers.
(Photos courtesy of Joseph R. "Ray" Smith)

Picture 91: In Memorian Captain Howard L. Pabst USN.
(Courtesy of Joseph R. "Ray" Smith)

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