The Somers at Port Hueneme

The following photos were taken of the Somers at Port Hueneme.


Picture 1: The USS Somers at Port Hueneme California, December 1997. (Photo from the April 1998 "Naval History" magazine.)

Picture 2: Some more picture's of The Somers at Port Hueneme (Courtesy of David Faultersack)

Photos 3-20 were taken at Port Hueneme between May 13 and May 20, 1998

Picture 3: Aboard the Somers. The Mess Decks.

Picture 4 Standing in the chowline one last time.

Picture 5: It's fun to notice the little things that are still there.

Picture 6: What's left of the gear in CIC.

Picture 7: The bunks are all silent.

Picture 8: The Bridge

Picture 9: The "Super Somers" logo that the ship wore her last couple of her years in the fleet.

Picture 10: What's left of the "Desron 25" logo. Desron 25 was the ship's last squadron.

Picture 11: The fantail. You can see the helicopter deck they built for her use as an experimental ship.

Picture 12: And if there are *still* any doubts.....

Picture 13: One more piece of proof.

Picture 14: Lloyd Sorenson (right) and myself. Lloyd was on the first crew, I was on the last.

Picture 15: "TAKE IN ALL LINES

Picture 16: Underway from Port Hueneme.

Picture 17: The Somers away from the dock.

Picture 18: The two ships together.

Picture 19: The two ships at the mouth of the harbor.

Picture 20: One last shot of the Somers.

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