Teacher/Student Submittal
A special thanks to media specialist Harry Rizzo
and student volunteer Stacey. 
Underwater Boats: All About Submarines

Teacher/Student Submittal
A special thanks to Youth Services Librarian Kelly Ackford
and student Amelia. 
Naval History: World War II, Badges, and Insignia

I Like the NAVY
 (unknown writer)

Blue Water
 Navy veterans from Vietnam-era win Agent Orange benefits case

Bridges to Healing
Reflecting on Returning to Vietnam.
VVRP Team XXIV Vietnam - 2009.
Courtesy of Shipmate & VVRP Team member Fred F. Ptucha.

Veteran's News
Veterans Proof of Service Letter

Articles on Somers
Past History 

U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation, Washington DC
The foundation runs the Naval Heritage Museum in Washington DC. It's a fascinating place.
Look up reunions, find an old sea buddy in the Navy Log or shop at the ship's store.
A definite must see website, and a definite must see if you are in DC.

Naval History Museum, Washington DC
The Official source for historical Naval information.

Destroyers On Line
An internet salute to the "Tin Can Navy"

NavSource Naval History
Another good Navy links page

Memories of Subic Bay
Olongapo City..... The town that made Sodom and Gomorrah look like Disneyland.........

Life aboard a Fletcher Class Destroyer
A short essay by FTCM Jon Jacques (Command Master Chief, Ret.)

America.... You ask me why I love her???
Not a direct Navy link, but a beautiful essay read by John Wayne, accompanied by some stunning visuals. Well worth the look.

Tribute to the Soldier
Father Denis Edward O'Brien, USMC


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