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I am always looking for more great photos of the Somers. If you have access to a scanner, you can send me the photo as an attachment.
If you don't have a scanner, but would like to put some pictures on the page, again let me know, and I'll give you my snail mail address. I'll scan them with the utmost of care and return them to you immediately. If you don't want to part with the pictures, have them scanned onto a CD at a Wal-Mart, Walgreens, and send me the CD, and I'll Put them up. Thanks to all who have donated photos.

Picture 101: Article from "Our Navy" magazine, January 1962 edition, naming the Somers the magazine's " Ship of the Year" for 1961.                                  Thanks to Herm Englehardt for the contribution.

Picture 102: After Steering Servo switch taken from the Somers shortly before she left Port Hueneme for Hawaii. Thanks to Jim Grebe for the photo.

Picture 103: Technical Diagram of the Somers. Given to me by the folks at Port Hueneme after the Somers departed.

Photo's 104: A montage of photos set to music by Mel "Beetle" Bailey, depicting the 1960 Westpac. Click on button(s) to view video either withVimeo  or   Windows Media Player  Windows Media Player.

Picture 105: Very first Westac deployment for USS Somers DD947.
(Photo courtesy of Jerry Daugherty)

Picture 106: Snipes softball team in Guam May 1960.
(Photo courtesy of Jerry Daugherty)

Picture 107: What snipes do after a day in the Hole. Ah! fresh Air..
(Photo courtesy of Jerry Daugherty)

Picture 108: Aussies presenting Harvyll to the ship.
(Photo courtesy of Jerry Daugherty)

Picture 109: Refueling from the Kitty Hawk.
(Photo courtesy of Peter Leibundguth)

Picture 110: Another shot of the Somers refueling from the Kitty Hawk.
(Photo courtesy of Peter Leibundguth)

Picture 111: Provided NGFS support to SEALS in DMZ - They Brought Us Weapons Captured During the Op
(Photo courtesy of Peter Leibundguth)

Picture 112: Photos of the USS Somers taken from the USS Constellation CV-64 in 1981.
(Photos courtesy of  Paul Jarvis)

Picture 113: Photo of the USS Somers "Mothballed" at Pearl Harbor.
(Photo from

Photo's 114: Photos taken of the USS Somers, Crew members and  destinations.
Photos courtesy of Charles Fatum:)

Photo's 115: Timeline of the 1960 westpac cruise.
Courtesy of Charles Fatum:)

Photo's 116: Photo of the enemy firing 12" round at the Somers during the engagement at the mouth of the Cua Viet River in 1972. Photo looked semi-distant but in reality was very close and shrapnel struck the ship. Photo taken from the fifty-caliber machine gun mount.
(Courtesy of Robert Siebert, Photo taken by Kenny Delk :) 

Photo's 117: Photos taken of the USS Somers, Crew members and destinations.
Courtesy of Jim Litle:)

Photo's 118: Photos taken of the USS Somers and Crew members.
Courtesy of Tom Legge:)

Photo's 119: Photos submitted by Philip H. Red Eagle taken in 1967-1970. Taken at Cubi Point, Vietnam, San Diego.
Courtesy of Philip H. Red Eagle:)

Photo's 120: Photos: of some memorabilia from the USS Somers DD-947.
Courtesy of Herm Engelhardt:)

Photo's 121: Photos taken of the USS Somers, Crew members and  destinations.
Courtesy of Kurtis Heinen:)

Photo 122: Photo of the USS Somers & the USS Kawishiwi (AO-146) refueling at sea.
Courtesy of Bob Price:)

Photo 123: Photo of one of the ships screws after running aground with story 1975.
Courtesy of Walt Parham:)

Photo 124: Photo of the USS Somers (DD 947), USS Morton (DD 948), USS Parsons (DD 949) & USS Richard S. Edwards (DD 950) tied up together in San Diego in 1959.
Courtesy of Bob Plante:)

Photo 125: Photo of a 9-1/2 inch DDG34 Patch you've never seen and a story to go along with it. (You'll enjoy this....))
Courtesy of John Dill ETN, DDG34, 69-71:

Photo 126: Photo of the USS Somers DD947 entering Copenhagen, Denmark during her shakedown cruise in June 1959.
Courtesy of Harold (Hal) Moss, EM, DD947, 59-60, Plank Owner:)

Photo 127: Photo of the USS Somers DDG 34
Courtesy of Bob Plante:)

Picture 128: Original list of the crew that commissioned the USS Somers 1959.
Courtesy of Bob Pecoraro:)

Picture 129: "Steering Motor Start up Instructions" Plastic plaque with instructions for starting the ship's steering motors taken from the after steering room.
Courtesy of Dave Faultersack & Jim Grebe:)

Picture 130: Photos of missile launch taken from the observation window in launch control 1970.
Courtesy of Jim Grebe:)

Picture 131: Older Photo of the USS Somers DD381 that Bob Plante received at the 2015 reunion from Tom Sargis, SN 1/C, DD381, 43-46.
(Courtesy of Bob Plante & Tom Sargis:)

Picture 132: Three photos of the USS Somers DDG34.
Courtesy of Mike Beauchesne:)

 Picture 133: Photo of the 945, 946 & 947 at Bath, Maine where they were built and commissioned.
Courtesy of Shipmate, Photo was sent to Bob Plante from a shipmate:)

Picture 134: Information on the Brig Somers. Model and the Sword are included in the photo titled Brig Somers.
Courtesy of Steve Tibbetts, our Historian/Archivist: was at the Naval Academy Museum and found these:)

Picture 135: 1958 Bath Iron Works 3 Destroyers USS Hull, USS Edson & USS Somers Postcard.
(Purchased by
Fred Reicher, Possibly one of a kind:)

Picture 136: Photos of the USS Somers.
(Courtesy of LCDR (Ret.) Larry Herrman, DDG34, 67-69, Plank Owner:)

Picture 137: Photos of collision with USS Coral Sea.
(Courtesy of Royce Branning:)

Picture 138: Two photos of the USS Somers DDG34.
(Courtesy of Capt. Bill McNicholas:)

 Picture 139: Photos of the USS Somers.
(Photo courtesy of Alan Eft's daughter Jennifer)    



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