Crewmember Photos


This section is dedicated to photos of Somers Crewmembers. As with other photos, if you have any good crewmember photos, drop me a line, and I will add them to the page.

Picture 1: My friend Steve, myself, two "lady friends" and a pitcher of Mojo. The definitive P.I. experience. (I'm the one on the right!)

Picture 2: A Christmas photo of CDR Hugh "The Bear" Webester, C.O. 11 Apr 69 - 19 Dec 70.
(Photo Courtesy of Joe La Voie)

Picture3: The Forward Engine Room, 1961.
Pictured from left: Don Farthing, Jim Andreas, Chief Clarence Vahl, and Rick Bosch.
(Photo courtesy of Jim Andreas).

Picture 4: From Westpac '61, the all engine room musical group "Don and the Drifters."
From Left: Jim Andreas, Raul Beltran, Harold "Woody" Woodworth, and Don Farthing.
(Photo courtesy of Jim Andreas).

Picture 5: Bob Coon at his rack.
(Photo courtesy of Bob Carlson).

Picture 6: Paul Huseman (R) and another sailor enjoying yet another day at sea. (If anyone can identify the sailor on the left, please let me know.)
(Photo courtesy of Bob Carlson).

Picture 7: George White, (Precommissioning crew of DDG-34,) standing fire watch.
(Photo courtesy of George White).

Picture 8: Somers Crewmember Mike Bernard (Right) with another sailor (GMG) on his left.
(Photo courtesy of George White).

Picture 9: The Somers' Weapons Officer in Long Beach.
(Photo courtesy of George White).

Picture 10: Crewmember George White standing in front of the ASROC Launcher.
(Photo courtesy of George White).

Picture11: RMSN Tapley "hard at work" in the radio room.
(Courtesy of Robert Tapley).

Picture12: Another shot of RMSN Tapley.
(Courtesy of Robert Tapley).

Picture 13: Crewmember Mark Roberts in Hong Kong. Check out those bell-bottoms!!
(Courtesy of Mark Roberts.)

Picture 14: SA James Oden, front right, J.R. Romano rear, K.E. Clark far rear. Can anyone identify the sailor on the front left?
(Photo courtesy of James Oden)

Picture 15: The Deck Crew at the commissioning of DDG-34
(Photo courtesy of James Oden)

Picture 16: James Oden (Front left) and two other sailors on the foc'sle. Can anyone identify the other sailors?
(Photo courtesy of James Oden)

Picture 17: F.E. "Little Richard" with his "Black Rose of Death" tattoo, (right) and James Oden with his wannabe tattoo.
(Photo courtesy of James Oden)

Picture 18: IC3 Bill Walker, and PN2 Steve Hinkle in the background. I asked Steve what was in the cups, and his response was: "If I recollect correctly, the contents in the cup was one of those nickle cokes from the machine on the mess decks which was just top side of the IC Room. It could have also been some bootleg duty free that somehow didn't make it into the liquor locker. " (Editor's note: I'll let you look at the next photo and decide for yourself.)
(Photo courtesy of Kurt Heinen)

Picture 19:Hm.... What *WAS* in those cups???
(Photo courtesy of Kurt Heinen. Kurt says it was RUM!!!)

Picture 20: ICFN Rick Mc Donald
(Photo courtesy of Kurt Heinen)

Picture 21: IC3 Kevin Krupa
(Photo courtesy of Kurt Heinen)

Picture 22: IC3 Kurt Heinen
(Photo courtesy of Kurt Heinen)

Picture 23: The "Bama Boys" L-R Eubanks-Birmingham, Speakman-Cullman, Jordon-Dothan, James (Jimmy) Oden-Gadsden, Moody-Mobile (Preacher) Photo taken 2-10-1968 Commissioning Day at San Franscio Naval Shipyard Hunters Point. (Photo courtesy of James Oden)

Picture 24: Crewmember Russell Hartley "hard at work" on midwatch.
(Photo courtesy of Russell Hartley)

Picture 25: B Division, 1972

Left-Right: Front,(Kneeling), FN Randolph Menzie-Ancorage, Alaska. Middle: FA Gregory O. Burns, (GOB) Whittier, California. BT2 Robert E. Bechtolb, San Francisco, California. (on Roberts shoulders) BTFN Keith W. Faus, Union Dale, Indiana. (no shirt) FN Brad C. Storey, Pestigo, Wisconsin. BTC James C. White, Birmingham, Alabama.

Back: BT1 Stanford Douglas, Huntsville, Texas. BT3 Gary W. Rott, San Jose, California.

Farther back, on right, I think that is: BT3 Timothy T. Ott, (otter),Portland, Oregon. Far right, with camera: BT3 Joe Navarro, Anaconda, Montana.
(Photo courtesy of Joseph R. "Ray" Smith)

Picture 26: Captain, Executive Officer, Equator, 19 March, 1974 CDR. H.L. Pabst???
(Photo courtesy of Joseph R. "Ray" Smith)

Pictures 27-37 courtesy of John Starace

Picture 27: Ship's crew in Sweden.Starace in right rear, left front is Dreisbach, left rear Smitty, Roy Grigsby front right.

Picture 28: Gunnery Dept. Gormley on left, next to him? second from right Eddington, Noziicka on far right.

Picture 29: Second photo of gunnery dept. Some of the same guys check out Waring he was a real joker, always fooling around.

Picture 30: Photo : Pouchan on left with Gormely to his right, Nozicka on far right. Who's the joker second from right with his finger sticking out of his fly? We did have fun!!!

Picture 31: GM1 Humphries as King Neptune.

Picture 32: Captain Cummings and 2 other wogs.

Picture 33: GMSN Starace with cruiser in background.

Picture 34: SH3 O.B. Falance

Picture 35: BM3 Robb with the monkey he smuggled aboard while we were in Bangkok. When we left for sea he was discovered, and we ahd to highline the monkey to another ship going back.

Picture 36:GM1 Humphries. He made chief shortly afterward.

Picture 37: GMSN Starace on the quarterdeck.

Picture 38: A few crew members off the coast of the Philippines. Are they on the way in, exchanging info on favorite bars? Or are they sharing "War Stories" on the way out????

Pictures 39-43 are courtesy of Kurt Heinen

Picture 39 : IC Room. IC1 Mike Oliver kicking back and the blurred picture is William Lewis.

Picture 40: Relaxing on deck

Picture 41: More relaxing on deck.

Picture 42 : Bridge Wing. Is that the XO?

Picture 43 : Em2 Bob Moran.... (And there's always gotta be a smart aleck...)

Pictures 44-48 are courtesy of MM2 Byron Salsbury

Picture 44:EMFNRakowski

Picture 45: MM2 salsbury in Hong Kong

Picture 46: MM2 salsbury and MM2 Harding

Picture 47: MM2 salsbury, MMFN Maloney, and MMFN Peevy (Who is the 4th person?)

Picture 48: MM2 salsbury at the main equipment status board

Picture 49: MMFN Burd, and MMFN salsbury "chowing down" at the Jumbo Floating Restaurant in Hong Kong

Picture 50: 3 Apr 1963 Remaining plankowners L-R BT1 Larry Vance BM3 Richard Hansen GMG3 Donald Smith BT2 Roderick Given BTC Erving Zulkowski & GMGC James (Dog) Brown(Photo contributed by Royce Branning

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